VALEUPROX® (Leuprolide Acetate)

VALEUPROX® (Leuprolide Acetate) – 1 mg Ampoule & 4 mg Multi Dose Vials for SC/ IM Injections.

Basic Product Specification:

Generic Name Strength Standard Type Packing
Leuprolide Acetate 1 mg Amp & 4 mg Vial B.P SC/IM Injection 1 mg/ 0.5 ml Ampoule &4mg/ 4 ml Multi dose Vial
  • VALEUPROX® contains Leuprolide Acetate Injections.
  • VALEUPROX® comes under the category of a GnRH/ LHRH Agonist.
  • VALEUPROX® is used for hormonal down regulation in IVF protocols before ovulation induction.
  • VALEUPROX® should be stored strictly between 2°C & 8°C.