CREART® (Cetrorelix Acetate)

CREART®(Cetrorelix Acetate): 0.25 mg Injections.

Basic Product Specification:

Generic Name Strength Standard Type Packing
Cetrorelix Acetate 0.25 mg USP SC Injection 1 ml Solvent + Powder Vial in a Combipack
  • CREART® contains Cetrorelix Acetate 0.25 mg for S.C Injection
  • CREART® comes under the category of GnRH Antagonist.
  • CREART® is specifically used for ‘Premature LH-Surge Suppression’ before ovulation induction in women during IVF procedures.
  • CREART® offers a simpler & shorter protocol for Controlled Ovarian Stimulation as compared with those using gonadorelin analogues.
  • The main advantage for women treated with CREART® is the avoidance of hormonal withdrawal side effects and the convenience of dosage.
  • CREART® should be stored strictly between 2°C & 8°C.