hp XYARTz®-HMG: 75 IU & 150 IU (Menotropin, also known as Highly Purified Human Menopausal Gonadotropin) Injections.

Basic Product Specification:

Generic Name Use Standard Type Packing Pack Size.
FSH (Human Menopausal Hormone/Menotropin) By SC/IM Injection BP Highly Purified Vial 75 IU,
150 IU
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG comes in the category of Gonadotropins.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG is a combination of 2 hormones: LH (Luteinizing Hormone) & FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). HMG is also known as ‘Menotropin’.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG can be used in both males & females.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG can be used both S.C (Sub-Cutaneous) & I.M (Intra-Muscular)
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG is used in males with a poor hormonal balance, linked to poor sperm count, quality or motility.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG is used extensively in women with ‘Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome’ (P.O.S) not able to become pregnant or for women with unexplained infertility in ART programs.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG available in 2 strengths of 75 IU & 150 IU.
  • hp XYARTz®-HMG should be strictly stored in temperature between 2°C to 8°C.

Purity Status:

hp XYARTz®-HMG is a ‘Highly Purified’ product. The product is purified using the latest high end ‘Chromatography Technology’, which offers a high end & highly pure form of product. The product offers an effect which is comparable to ‘Recombinant’ products, though at a much more economical price, with highly predictable response. Also unlike regular ‘Purified’ products which mostly available, the effect from XYATA’s products is much superior. The technology also ensures a greater ‘Batch to Batch Consistency’, thereby offering the same high quality response at every point of time.