As a responsible pharmaceutical biotechnology company, operating in the very super-specialized areas of pharmaceuticals, XYATA® invests a very significant energy to update & upgrade our processes in an effort to produce the most innovative research and development while also producing safe, reliable prescription drugs. We firmly believe, that drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeutically active formulations whose performance is consistent and predictable.

The manufacturing facilities for XYATA®products conform to the best in the world & are certifies for superlative quality assurance by leading certifying agencies like: WHO-GMP, ISO 9001-2008, CE, etc. The company employs quality initiatives and quality control methodologies in order to help us win recognition as a respected pharma company. The end result is products matching international quality, assuring the best in class results.

All XYATA®products are cold chain based. Hence the cold chain facilities of XYATA®conform to US-FDA guidelines. Un-tamperable imported Data Loggers are used to continuously monitor the temperature maintenance remains strictly between 2°C to 8°C. The distribution chain of the company is very rugged & seamless. Product transportation is undertaken only in special thermocol containers to ensure cold chain maintenance & outstation delivery are arranged only by Air to assure delivery much before 24 hours. Special ‘One Time Data Logger Chips’ are also used to build customer belief & confidence in cold chain adherence.

Our international partners with their highly specialized products & world class manufacturing facilities have invested their confidence in the acumen of XYATA®as a company which does not compromise on any aspect.

XYATA®remains committed towards the medical profession, towards assuring complete tranquility of mind when it comes to using our world class brands for the benefit of patients. We at XYATA®are working relentlessly to ensure that this belief grows stronger with every passing day.